The poster session will take place Thursday 31 May 2012 from 16:30 to 18:30 outside auditorium R1 in Realfagbygget.

The contributed posters are organized in four general themes: methods, bio, rain and spatial.

For organizational purposes only the name of the main author/presenter is listed.


Aune, E. (P1)
Parameter Estimation in High Dimensional Gaussian Distributions

de Zea Bermudez, P. (P2)
A particle marginal Metropolis-Hastings sampler for bilinear processes

Doan, T. (P3)
Temporal Misalignment in Non-Gaussian Time Series Analysis

Eidsvik, J. (P4)
Estimation and prediction in large spatial models using composite likelihood

Gsponer, T. (P5)
A Bayesian view of counterfactual causality

Hoveid, Ø. (P6) 
INLA for models with multiple system parameters and nasty state-variable posteriors using quasi-Monte Carlo integration

Illner, K. (P7)
Bayesian blind source separation for data with networks as dependence structure

Rezakhah, S. (P8)
Hidden Markov Mixture Autoregressive Models

Torres-Avilés, F. (P9)
Bayesian approaches for Poisson models to estimate Bivariate Relative Risks

Wilson, S. (P10)
Fast Sequential Parameter Inference for Dynamic State Space Models


Abellan, J. (P11)
A Bayesian multivariate autocorrelated latent Gaussian model for daily follow-up of bacterial communities in the human gut

Adrion, C. (P12)
Bayesian model selection using INLA with application to longitudinal count data

Geilhufe, M. (P13)
Spatio-temporal modeling of communicable diseases: A case study of North Norway

Holand, A. (P14)
Bayesian animal model using integrated nested Laplace approximations: a wild house sparrow population case study

Muñoz, F. (P15)
The spatial distribution of fish species

Nikolaou, V. (P16)
Bayesian dynamic latent trait models: Application to assessing effectiveness of enzyme replacement therapy for lysosomal storage disorders

Papoila, A. (P17)
Colorectal cancer incidence in Southern Portugal 1998-2006: a spatio-temporal analysis

Rieger, A. (P18)
Analysing the spatial structure of rates

Schliep, E. (P19)
Multivariate multilevel latent Gaussian process model to evaluate wetland health


Ingebrigtsen, R. (P20)
Using Stochastic Partial Differential Equation Models for Spatial Reconstruction of Annual Precipitation

Johansen, S. (P21)
Daily simulation of probabilistic quantitative precipitation fields using a class dependent meta-Gaussian model

Polushina, T. (P22)
Monte Carlo methods in rainfall modelling

Sigurdarson, A. (P23)
A Bayesian hierarchical model for monthly precipitation in Iceland

Sigurdarson, H. (P24)
A Bayesian hierarchical model for discharge rating curves


Bachl, F. (P25)
Latent Gaussian Models for Dust Aerosol Classification

Fuglstad, G.-A. (P26)
Spatial modelling and Inference with SPDE-based Gaussian Markov Random Fields

Gómez-Rubio, V. (P27)
Spatial econometrics models with INLA

Hrafnkelsson, B. (P28)
A linear mixed effects model with t-distributed errors with spatially varying scale - An application to fillet yield data

Hu, X. (P29)
Multivariate Gaussian Random Fields using systems of Stochastic Partial Differential Equations

Liu, J. (P30)
Bayesian Estimation of Diffusion Tensors from Diffusion-Weighted Magnetic Resonance (DW-MR) Data

Lindström, J. (P31)
Using non-stationary GMRFs to model Bathymetry data

Pereira, P. (P32)
Characterizing Forest Fires Patterns in Portugal

Roininen, L. (P33)
Discretisation-invariant priors in Bayesian statistical inversion with an application in ionospheric tomography

Särkkä, S. (P34)
Infinite-Dimensional Kalman Filtering Approach to Spatio-Temporal Gaussian Random Fields

Wallin, J. (P35)
Change of Support models using GMRF

Zareifard, H. (P36)
Skew Gaussian Markov Random Fields on Regular Lattices